Monday, June 30, 2014

Uttarakhand Again...

The travel for leisure had surely taken a back seat for quite sometime... Almost after two years there seems to be light somewhere in between the tunnel. The travel season seems to begin with the darshan and blessings of Lord Shree Badrinath. Uttarakhand is always special to me and close to heart, and this pilgrimage happened just exactly after one year of the 'Uttarakhand Tragedy'. The nature clearly seemed to carry the stains of the tragedy and it was really really scary at places. I earlier traveled on this route so the difference was quite visible. Anyways. Will come up with more details soon and some more photographs as this time I got to see Village Mana, after last-time's failure attempt.

P.S. This particular stretch of the road somewhere before Hanuman Chatti, was completely washed away.