Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Travel: Tea Garden Near Dhramshala, Himachal Pradesh

With it's lush greenery and uneven surface... Tea Gardens almost look like a nicely woven green carpet. Munnar in Southern part of India no doubt is the paradise for such landscape lovers, also for photographers. Unlike many locations in South, North has hardly any option to enjoy such beauty. And did I forget to mention the Darjeeling stretch and Assam!!! Though the travel freaks from that part curse Northern guys for being at such close proximity to Himalayan range... anyways.
Himachal Pradesh offers glimpses of tea gardens in Palampur. Recently, I found a small stretch just 3-4 kilometers down Dharamshala during my visit and did spend quite some time roaming around and clicking few images. What I loved most about this small patch was, the light and shadow play of the trees poping up in between tea estate.
This 'MANN Tea Estate' is on Narghota Road.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Product Review: Miracase 6000 mAh PowerBank

Few days back, had to get a new power bank for my phone and I got this Miracase 6000 mAh from 'The Mobile Store'. Had to buy it urgently, so no option left for the online check or to check any review.

Before getting it, my priorities were;
- A power bank which looks good.
- At least can charge the Samsung Note 3 Neo twice.
- With in a price bracket of 1500 INR.

'The Mobile Store' being the closest option, I found this 'Miracase' and instantly locked it. The quick things I decided up on was;
- Its look was similar to Note 3 Neo. Even same leather texture (it is plastic and painted unlike Samsung Note 3 Neo).
- Was of 6000 mAh.
- The power cable is inbuilt and is nicely hidden.
- Two devices can be charged with one extra cable.

It costed 1999 INR. The price was little higher than the budget but it's look was con-vincible to me.

Technical details:
Capacity - 6000 mAh
Input - DC 5V/2A
Output - DC 5V/2A
Battery Type - Lithium-Polymer
Company claimed cycle time - more than 500 times

Nicely designed and hidden inbuilt cable and power indicator...

Usage Experience:
As of now, I am very happy with it. It's charging time is quick and easily charges my phone twice with one full charge. The charging time is also quick, though I am yet to note down the exact minutes. Its sleek, fits in pockets easily, even is easy to hold it along with the phone. It gives the illusion of a phone.
Few more weeks of usage and I will come up with more details if it shows any problem or something. As of now, it is a good buy to me according to my usage.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Travel: Monsoon Drive to Himachal

Monsoon no doubt is the best time to go deep into the hills. At least to me though it involves little risk because of the weather and land slides. I remember each of my monsoon ride bit by bit from the old biking days. With the changing priorities of life, biking has taken the back seat and so is the leisure travel to the hills. Either I will be travelling to the hills for work or just rushing somewhere near by just for the shake of the love of the Himalayas, that to caged. Being caged is not a complaint but comparison of the satisfaction level, particularly when you want to be wonder lust. Each of the earlier monsoon bike ride has given me the adventure of a life time to remember. And that crazy feeling pulls me always somewhere into the Himalays to feel the mist and to absorb my favorite shades of green and to get soaked in mother nature.

With the occasional rain here in the capital town, it reminded me of the nice drive to the North-West of Himachal, till Khajjiar. And to utter surprise, I did not even check the photographs since then which were lying somewhere deep inside a hard disc drive.

Khajjiar Panorama...