Friday, June 19, 2015

Travel: Monsoon Drive to Himachal

Monsoon no doubt is the best time to go deep into the hills. At least to me though it involves little risk because of the weather and land slides. I remember each of my monsoon ride bit by bit from the old biking days. With the changing priorities of life, biking has taken the back seat and so is the leisure travel to the hills. Either I will be travelling to the hills for work or just rushing somewhere near by just for the shake of the love of the Himalayas, that to caged. Being caged is not a complaint but comparison of the satisfaction level, particularly when you want to be wonder lust. Each of the earlier monsoon bike ride has given me the adventure of a life time to remember. And that crazy feeling pulls me always somewhere into the Himalays to feel the mist and to absorb my favorite shades of green and to get soaked in mother nature.

With the occasional rain here in the capital town, it reminded me of the nice drive to the North-West of Himachal, till Khajjiar. And to utter surprise, I did not even check the photographs since then which were lying somewhere deep inside a hard disc drive.

Khajjiar Panorama...

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