Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily Dose: 30 June 2011

One for the shake of Architecture....

All of a sudden this capture became my favorite... This SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) image came out really well, framed here in Nottingham University Jubilee Campus. And this building is Djanogly Learning Resource Centre.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue Hour at 10.45pm

The watch was showing 10.40 PM, when I looked to the stunning sky on my way back from University and checked the time. What a pleasant soothing combination of Crimson Red and Sky Blue, a perfect blue hour. I was experiencing it after a long time with a lighter heart.
I broke all the boundaries and rules made by me not to touch the camera bag and with in 5 minutes I was walking beside the lake in Jubilee Campus with my equipments. Lucky me, staying at Riverside Point. Such a pleasant place it is to stay, at least for me.


I used to sit on this bridge over the lake with a book or a glass of Frappe when bored of my room, where I rarely do stay ;)

And then few more yards into the Jubilee Campus...

What a GREAT ending to a stressed working day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sunny 'Sunday'

Had a great time today after long with some old pals from the first term, all 'Environmental Designers'. Had good fun, some good home made food, extended chat sessions, some interesting funny games and even some good time in the tot-lot at 'Lenton Recreation Ground' here in Nottingham.
We all were quite surprised with the climate, what was wrong with it today! The Sun who always plays a Hide and Seek game and always prefers to hide was glowing like anything and forced us to find a shaded place rather than enjoying the lush green in open. But it seemed to be quite FUN for Britishers/European people as a perfect condition for 'Sun Bath'.

Don't have much image to share and the funniest part is, I went with my camera bag which was equipped with a DEAD cell and the memory card wallet was missing. The reason was good enough to return back to my room and get the cell charged for 15 minutes which died again after few shots, it was quite expected.

Dear 'Environmental Designers', this one is for you and thanks for making the Day...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

exhibit! 2011

It was a perfect ending of the term with the year end show 'exhibit!' and exhibition. And do I need to mention, my eyes and mouth both were left ultra wide open after seeing the level of work people have produced... especially undergrad students.


Some images from Exhibition area...

P.S. All work in photographs are copyright University of Nottingham, UK

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Graffiti II

If you remember the last post on Graffities, you must know the history and origin of it.

I always liked this form of art... though mostly not, here the UK government in particular. Here this is a crime like many other places of the world. Here government erases all the arts which are mostly found at under passes or abandoned places and even uses a special kind of paint so that those surfaces can not be vandalized again... But there in many European countries and in US it is quite popular and even dedicated streets for graffiti.
Still there are some brilliant art do exist, I think even the officials must feel bad to spit on the talent....




Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to 'Zero BHP'

Now officially I don't own any kind of vehicle which gulps petrol and helps me to increase my carbon foot-print..... So back to Zero BHP.
After serving some 68K+ kilometers in less than 2 years, Mr. Santro bid us the final goodbye. Thanks you for helping us in measuring the whole length and breadth of North India. It was good fun to be with you :)

This photograph..... Somewhere in Uttranchal during winter 2009.