Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sunny 'Sunday'

Had a great time today after long with some old pals from the first term, all 'Environmental Designers'. Had good fun, some good home made food, extended chat sessions, some interesting funny games and even some good time in the tot-lot at 'Lenton Recreation Ground' here in Nottingham.
We all were quite surprised with the climate, what was wrong with it today! The Sun who always plays a Hide and Seek game and always prefers to hide was glowing like anything and forced us to find a shaded place rather than enjoying the lush green in open. But it seemed to be quite FUN for Britishers/European people as a perfect condition for 'Sun Bath'.

Don't have much image to share and the funniest part is, I went with my camera bag which was equipped with a DEAD cell and the memory card wallet was missing. The reason was good enough to return back to my room and get the cell charged for 15 minutes which died again after few shots, it was quite expected.

Dear 'Environmental Designers', this one is for you and thanks for making the Day...

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