Monday, September 21, 2015

Travel: The Temple Cafe, Isle of Harris (United Kingdom)

Isle of Harris is a fantastic place to roam around to enjoy the beauty of Scottish highlands. But when it comes to food, it really don't offer many options in and around outer Hebrides. Tarbert has two good places to eat. We did see many road signs in outer Hebrides showing directions to 'Temple Cafe' and we got to see this small yet beautiful structure near Northton beach and stopped over for a quick bite on our way back.

The best thing for me at 'Temple Cafe' was its architecture and the beautiful surrounding. Food was really good, we had some home-made pizza and it was just excellent. For us, this location was an unexpected stop-over for food. Being a scheduled dinner for some fresh lobsters that evening we did not try much of the things.
(If you are a sea-food lover and looking for something good to eat in Isle of Harries, then you should try out 'The Hebrides' just at the pier and in front of the tourist information center. I believe, they serve sea food for dinner only.)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Travel: Roadtrip to Scottish Highlands

Last July, while in London for few days this quick 1500+ miles road trip did happen... and what an amazing trip it was as most of the time was spent in driving. Nothing is pleasure but being on road. Beautiful lake district, open highways, historical cities, drive thru forests, some beautiful lakes, ferries, Scottish highlands, view of Glenfinnan Viaduct (Harry Potter Bridge), staying in some beautiful 'Bread & Breakfast' and 'Bunk Houses'... And many other stuff. Did I forget to mention about the food! And many stunning images... Stay tuned :)