Thursday, September 29, 2011

We never grow OLD

Few days back, actually two months back, I was worried because of my dissertation. I was in the middle of no where and was feeling like sinking. The research was going in a different direction other than the thought process and I was feeling like 'm not giving my required effort to it, reason behind, at times physical illness (discomfort in particular), at times the unwillingness to study and most of the time getting back to India. Somehow I caught the string and everything went smoothly until the end. Even I was bit worried because of the exhausted feeling with a little bit of run around Uni for some work one day and after that I could not sit in studio to continue working. I hardly walked around for 3-4 miles and cycled for 5-7 miles, absolutely not a tiring figure but whats wrong with me... 'm I getting old!!! Damn. It's not about the physical strength or stamina or age factor but at times we do give up, many times without even trying and giving a reason to ourselves that this was not for me, it is not going to help me or I don't want to do something like this, this is not interesting etc and etc... There should be a DREAM and we should LIVE up to that.
Accidentally inbetween I received an mail from a friend with a link and the story in that was raw inspiring. The moral of the story was,

'We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing'


Read the whole story HERE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When 'YOU' decided to leave...


On one fine day YOU decided to leave, I also thought, me never LOVED you and it is going to be the END of an ever established relationship.... So damn wrong I was!!!

Now don't let this slow POISON to kill me, 'm checking every mode of communication now and then without any reason just to ensure myself if I have received something, named YOU. Where was this bloody feeling when we were together, why I never realized the same when you were beside me... why!!!
But at the same time, is it the EGO that is preventing me to buzz you and ask 'Whatz up!!', pretty unsure about that... but might be. Actually those dampen eyes were MINE, not yours. Now 'm all at sea and about to press the call button, 'm pretty sure I can't speak a single word but I want to HEAR you...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The oldest 'PUB' in United Kingdom

'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem' in Nottingham claims to be the oldest pub or drinking establishment in England. Being set under the foot of Nottingham Castle and having caves as drinking rooms carved from the soft rock is an interesting place to visit and spend some time. I personally have not visited inside the pub but will do it soon as one need to take an appointment to make a tour to know the place better. Of-course this is not the requirement if you are going there for food and drink but a tour will explain me the place in true sense, so another detailed post on the same will follow soon.

I was trying to find out the history and stories behind this oldest Inn and got to know some real interesting facts about the place, so bit excited to experience it.... Soon :)




Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Brewhouse Yard
Nottingham England
0115 947 3171

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nottingham City I

After completing one full year here in this city, I explored the place to some extent.
And a photo feature of the same to show you the place... And these images show the first phase of exploration.

An essence of Nottingham, the 'Tram' with the back drop of 'Nottingham Contempory' and 'Pitcher & Piano'

The old part of the city and one of my favorite 'City Square'

Castle Road, some traditional paved roads.

Nottingham Playhouse

'Sky Mirror' An installation by Anish Kapoor at 'Nottingham Playhouse'

One of the BEST place in the city, 'Nottingham Contemporary'

Nottingham Canal Side

And people do go CRAZY over weekends...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Picture Frame


What else an Architect could do!!! Nature, history and surrounding, all framed together naturally thru an extra large piece of glass... Nothing else could be better. Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

What the heck... Few stones and rocks lying just like that in an irregular manner and almost ruined, people call it Stonehenge and is one of the most sought historic sites in United Kingdom attracting millions around the World. So strange!!!
This might be the thought inside a normal people's mind who absolutely has no idea about STONEHENGE.


Stonehenge, this 5000 year old megalithic structure can be named as 'Mystery'. In Sailsbury plains, in South-West part of England, this monument is probably the most important prehistoric structure in United Kingdom. It is believed the construction period continued for more than 1000 years and the final form we see today was built some 3500 years ago and was built in 3 phases, whose usage and purpose is still mysterious as well as inspiring. 


It is believed by some to be used as an astronomical observatory as it is oriented and stones are positioned according to the movement of Sun and Moon. Some believe, it was used as a religious site for worship, even some say it as a place of sacrifice.


Another mystery is the transportation and erection of such BIG stones, weighing between 6 to 60 tonnes. The Sailsbury plain has no signs of any rock and the stones here were carried from far, some even from Wales, 250 miles away. Researchers say, the stones were carried by dragging with the help of rollers and also were carried by water. The journey of such huge stones by the rivers and coastal Wales is really astonishing.


Though the structure looks like miniature from far, one can compare the scale with the human figures in the surrounding and the stones can be seen are only 2/3rd of the whole stone while 1/3rd of it is buried in the ground.
In the first stage, around during 3000 BC, there were no stones on site but a earth-work with an outer circular bank measuring 284 feet in diameter. Inside the ditch, there are 56 pits and are named as 'Aubery Holes'.
In the second stage, around in 2100 BC, there arrived the 'Blue Stones' from Preseli Mountains in South-Wales. These were 82 in number, weighing 4 tonnes each and were placed in the center creating an incomplete circle.
In the third stage, in 2000 BC, the 'Sarsen Stones' were erected with an continuous lintel as an outer circle. These stones weigh between 50-60 tonnes each. Five Sarsen trilithons were also placed around the center in a horseshoe shape.
In the final stage, around in 1500 BC,the blue stones were rearranged in a circle next to outer 'Sarsen stone circle' and also in a horse shoe shape around the center.

An artist's impression of Stonehenge some 3500 years ago...


Stonehenge PostCode (SAT NAV) - SP4 7DE
Entry Fee: Adult - 7.50 GBP
                Concession - 6.80 GBP
                Family - 19.50 GBP
Opening Times: Summer - 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
                         Winter - 9.30 am to 4.00 pm
What NOT to miss: You will be provided with a free audio guide, it will give you some interesting information. And do not miss to notice the 'Blue Stones'.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Save some 'FUEL'

Petrol prices in India is about to reach a 3 digit figure, I think the day is not so far. I remember the era when petrol price was 20+ rupees, some 13-14 years back and I used to ask for petrol worth rupees 10. To many 10 rupees is absolutely nothing these days and even one can't ask in a petrol bunk for fuel worth the same.

I remember, when the petrol prices rose to 25 rupees and the headlines were like, 'someday a liter of petrol will cost 50 bucks and it will difficult to spot a vehicle on road'. It seemed quite factful those days, but today unleaded petrol price is around 72 rupees per liter and do you really notice less number of vehicles on road!!! I personally dont think so, though there is a fall in sells of petrol car and at the same time the sell of diesel cars has increased... Nothing extraordinary to save some petrol or diesel which will run out of stock from nature's fuel bunk by 2030 or 2040.

When I landed here in UK for my studies, I got myself a bicycle. The reason was obvious, the affordability of a motorbike for a student in a foreign land. But being a biker, the exhaust notes of BIG bikes always accelerated my heart beats and I always had a strong intention to get one as soon as possible. It does not mean that I don't want to own a superbike but that is not my first priority NOW. I also should say and many also may argue that, along with the fuel prices there is an economical growth in whole so the up-gradation of lifestyle of many. Even if petrol price reaches 100, it will not affect most of us, but what about the future? Money definitely can not buy this non-renewable source of energy, so we should think for future and for the generation to come. I personally believe that the practicality of renewable energy resources still has a long way to go.
I'm contributing my few cents, what about YOU!!! 

Let them Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Was checking the blog statistics after long and found 'Monaco' as 117th country to visit my page. I was wondering for a while from which part of this world this country belongs to... and only could remember parle monaco biscuits, if 'm not wrong Javed Jaffery was the one featured in the ad. Anyways.

Monaco, in EU (European Union) is the second smallest country in the world with a total area of 2 square kilometers and it shares 5.4 kilometers of its total land border with France, also 3.5 kilometers of coast line with Mediterranean Sea. With a population of 32,000 it is the most densely populated country in the world. Monaco's economy runs from tourism which is boosted by its pleasant weather and casinos. Monaco also hosts the famous 'Monaco Grand Prix' which held on the main streets of the country.

For your information, 'Vatican City' is the smallest country in the world with an area of 110 acres and 800 population.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wake me up when September ends!!!

Na na... 'm awake and it is the first week. Finally handed over the dissertation 10 days before and was on RECOVERY MODE since then... Now time to explore this Kingdom country a bit before start of another new life (rather I should say bloody boring life)...


P.S. Loads of travel updates to follow soon, keep an eye on this page ;)