Thursday, October 17, 2013

Travel: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer city as seen from Jaisalmer Fort. The city was also known as Golden city because of the color of the local stone used for construction. It actually glows to glory along with Sun set...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Love for Architecture

'Architecture should speak of its time and place,but yearn for timelessness'
-Frank Gehry-

Last week, I just wrapped the regular architectural shoot at 'World Trade Center, Manesar' (SpireEdge). Numerous times and numerous shots from the main atrium since last one year and I am yet to get enough of this space, every time I do look around I feel a joy in my heart and something new. It definitely shows me a combination of art and engineering and a brilliant blend of nature. A properly designed space to me where I can just sit and stair at corners for hours...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Travel: Odisha State

Few glimpses of Beautiful Odisha... that I got to see during my visit last month.

Road to Heaven...


Philin Fear

With all your good wishes and blessings of the almighty... things are much better in Odisha as the major fear/phase of Cyclone Philine is passed. The damage is huge but thankfully there is minimum loss of lives. Still there is rain and wind in some parts of the state and there is a new threat of FLOOD. Lets hope for the best and wish that people of Odisha will overcome this natural calamity again.

P.S. The photograph above was clicked during my visit to Odisha last month, somewhere in the interiors of Gajapati district.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bloggers Meet: Wokamama, Gurgaon

This Friday, we a bunch of food bloggers/bloggers from Delhi were hosted by 'Wokamama', a pan Asian restaurant in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

I will like to share some visuals from that afternoon who treated my taste buds really well and I hope to share the specialties of each platter posted below in a separate blog-post sometime later.

 To start with 'Sate Lilit Ayam'

'Salmon Nigri and Tuna Nigri'

'Prawn Tempura'

'Vegetable Tempura'

The deadly Green Chili Mix... though it looks like a sweet dish, tastes just opposite. Put a pinch in the mouth and it punches back in 5 seconds.

Squids anyone!! 'Butter Pepper Garlic Squid'

This has a fantastic aroma... 'Chicken Tom Kha Soup'

My first time ever... Raw Papaya as major ingredient in 'Sum Tham Salad'

'Chicken Pesto Salad' for Non-vegetarians...

Every other stuff which were keep coming uninturuptedly was just brilliant. And the next one was just something that I never expected beyond Odia and bengali food... Shallow fried Fish roasted in a banana leaf wrap, and of course with a Thai touch. It was totally different in taste and not to mention, it was really good.

Another delicious stuff... 'Pla Pad Karcha'

 'Chinese Sticky Rice'

'Guilin Egg Plant'

Also some 'Indonesian Fish'

After being stuffed with all these delicacies, all one can expect is just something very little for the sweet buds. But to our surprise, the trail was not over. The Chef came walking with a greeny greeny noodles, and it hardly impressed me with the looks, and I almost decided to skip it. So damn wrong i was... with the request from Mr. Singh, I had a tea spoon of this 'Green Curry Noodles with Basil'. It was enough to reactivate my taste buds, and I almost ate half of what you are seeing in the image below :D

 So here is the Show-Stopper... 'Green Curry Noodles with Basil'

With much hesitation, every-one just agreed to taste two of the signature desserts from the Wokamama kitchen. And to our utter surprise, everything happily managed to get stuffed in our stomach ;)

Mr. Singh explaining us the secrets of 'Coconut Pan Cake'...

I am not at all a fan of coconut, but this was delicious enough to break the jinx. The tender coconut stuffing is little sweeter and was just perfect to me.

And the last bite... 'Mocca Rage' with coffee ice-cream.

And the Group, who contributed to a really good time. Cheers everyone.

Wokamama: Truly Pan Asian
Category: Chinese, Thai. Japanese, Burmese, Indonesian
Price: INR 600-750 avg. per person.
Address: Main Nathupur Road, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon
Phone: 0124-4969191
Timing: 1200 to 1530 hours
            1900 to 2330 hours

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bloggers Meet: Food Bloggers meet at Wokamama, Gurgaon

'Wokamama' did organize a food bloggers meet today over Lunch... Had really a good time with finger licking food (watch out the space for some delicious visuals :p) and also had an interesting intellectual food-knowledge session. Thanks a lot for invitation.

The detailed post to follow soon :)