Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bonnville Pontiac 1958

Recently, while coming out from a guest-house lobby after a meeting, my eyes got glued to this and could not resist to request the client if I can spend some time with this brilliantly detailed scale model of Bonnville Pontiac... A quick run to grab the camera bag and some shots of the beauty :)

 photo IMG_7622-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7623-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7621-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7620-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7624-1aacopy.jpg

Bonnville Pontiac is quite popular as a collector's edition. This particular 2 door convertible is 18+ feet long and is among one the heaviest cars produced in that time. It was powered by a V8 6100cc and 300hp engine with 'Star Chief' body style.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sewing Machines ;)

Today evening, while walking through the lanes of Mehrauli, I just came across with this shop who repairs 'Sewing Machines'. I realized after walking few steps ahead and stopped to take the camera out. Those rustic old machines there for repair and maintenance were quite interesting to me. Some shots from street after long :)

I was so much in an impression that these are out of use... sigh. And it also reminded me my dissertation days, when I bought a 'Hosqueverna' fully automatic sewing machine for some 200 GBP and took over a week to learn how to operate it. The funniest thing was, it took numerous replay of an YouTube video and some 3+ hours to put the first thread... Huh. It really was fun to add parameters to various fabrics and to use them to create pre-cast concrete blocks. Should post them in a separate post sometime ;)

 photo IMG_0710-1copy.jpg
The owner of the shop... Mr. Surya Prakash Bhatia.

 photo IMG_0709-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_0706-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_0719-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_0721-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_0722-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_0715-2copy.jpg

How many of us do remember this this thing... May be one in your Grandparent's home!!!

The invention of 'Sewing Machine' is quite controversial and the STORY starts from 1755. A German immigrant Charles Weisenthal took a patent in London for a needle to be used for mechanical sewing. And the machine by a young British inventor Thomas Saint in 1790 is believed to be the first real sewing machine.
And the story line kept moving back to Germany, Australia and then America.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Evening...

 photo IMG_0623-1aacopy.jpg

Today, after long I was out, holding a camera in hand and without any clue what to click. By that time the sky was overcast after a sprinkle here in Delhi. I do miss the blue sky and the play of clouds often and probably just run to the hills when have little time, but today it was totally different and I was seated over a historic monument and wanted to say Goodbye to Sun and to surprise the sky showed this shade. An April sky here in Delhi could be no Better...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Event: Delhi JAZZ Festival

Delhi hosted its 3rd International Jazz Festival from 13th-18th March 2013 at Nehru Park, ChanakyaPuri.

Few glimpses from the closing day of the event... Its better late than never :D

 photo IMG_6143aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6132aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6214-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6184-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6196-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6182-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6108-1-2aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6100-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6020-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6056-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5983-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5981-1aacopy.jpg

Monday, April 08, 2013

Travel: Narkanda again ;)

The recent development in our relationship (me and Himachal Pradesh :D) is definitely making me happy and I believe, it will not take long to patch things up and get back to the days of strong bondage. Almost 2 years and away from the hills of North was definitely unexpected, but all thanks to some priorities of life where travel (read aimless and unplanned travel) takes the second place, but it is good and refreshing to be back...

Last weekend again, out of nowhere I did hit the road without any idea of destination. The only thing I knew that it should be Himachal so had to hit NH1 and 3+ hours to think on the destination. The first thing in mind was Dharamshala as it is yet to be explored and with 48hours in hand it would be hectic, so decided to move towards Shimla and further. Some 32 hours and I was back home from Narkanda and Hatu Peak after experiencing Rain, Fog, Snow and a small trekking... Also discovered a new place to eat at Ambala Cantonment.
I always hated to stay at Shimla and somehow avoided it always, but this time had to make the night-halt in the outskirts because of the tired travel companion and the night drive ended at 10.30pm :(
Next day only, the travel route was Narkanda via Naldhera and then Hatu Peak. The snowfall at Hatu made the trip successful and gave the energy to reach back delhi in 9 hours flat with a dinner stop at Puran Singh, Ambala Cantonment :)

 photo IMG_6716aacopyblog.jpg
Nocturnal always ;)

 photo IMG_0438aacopyblog.jpg
Waking-up in the Hills...

 photo IMG_6732aablog.jpg
And a brilliant morning to start the day with...

 photo IMG_6737aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6742aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6749aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6751aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6811aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6821aablog.jpg
Snow started from Kufri... though settled and dirty.

 photo IMG_6792aablog.jpg
Approaching Hatu Peak...

 photo IMG_6782aablog.jpg
No way to drive beyond... So Trek :)

 photo IMG_6790aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6781aablog.jpg

 photo IMG_6778aablog.jpg

More and more Snow :)

Travel Information:
Distance: 430 kms from Delhi vis Himalayan Expressway
               65 kms from the hustle-bustle of Shimla
Road Condition: Excellent
Driving hours: Is easily doable in 8-9 nonstop driving hours
Best time to Visit: Throughout the year (The roads only get blocked in Dec-Jan due to heavy snow)
Accommodation: HPTDC Hatu and 1-2 private standard accommodation options availavle. And there also is a option to drive back to Shimla for Luxury.
What not to miss: The Hatu Peak (Awesome panoramic view of snow peaks and Hatu Mata Temple) and the apple and cheery orchards along way. Narkanda is famous for its quality Apples which are mostly exported.