Saturday, April 13, 2013

Event: Delhi JAZZ Festival

Delhi hosted its 3rd International Jazz Festival from 13th-18th March 2013 at Nehru Park, ChanakyaPuri.

Few glimpses from the closing day of the event... Its better late than never :D

 photo IMG_6143aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6132aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6214-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6184-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6196-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6182-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6108-1-2aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6100-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6020-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6056-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5983-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_5981-1aacopy.jpg

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