Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bonnville Pontiac 1958

Recently, while coming out from a guest-house lobby after a meeting, my eyes got glued to this and could not resist to request the client if I can spend some time with this brilliantly detailed scale model of Bonnville Pontiac... A quick run to grab the camera bag and some shots of the beauty :)

 photo IMG_7622-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_7623-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7621-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7620-1aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_7624-1aacopy.jpg

Bonnville Pontiac is quite popular as a collector's edition. This particular 2 door convertible is 18+ feet long and is among one the heaviest cars produced in that time. It was powered by a V8 6100cc and 300hp engine with 'Star Chief' body style.

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