Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Travel: Tea Garden Near Dhramshala, Himachal Pradesh

With it's lush greenery and uneven surface... Tea Gardens almost look like a nicely woven green carpet. Munnar in Southern part of India no doubt is the paradise for such landscape lovers, also for photographers. Unlike many locations in South, North has hardly any option to enjoy such beauty. And did I forget to mention the Darjeeling stretch and Assam!!! Though the travel freaks from that part curse Northern guys for being at such close proximity to Himalayan range... anyways.
Himachal Pradesh offers glimpses of tea gardens in Palampur. Recently, I found a small stretch just 3-4 kilometers down Dharamshala during my visit and did spend quite some time roaming around and clicking few images. What I loved most about this small patch was, the light and shadow play of the trees poping up in between tea estate.
This 'MANN Tea Estate' is on Narghota Road.

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