Monday, May 10, 2010

The Bike side of Life

Bajaj,Avenger,Bike Trips,Pushkar,Ajmer,India

An unplanned trip, a quick spin of 1000 kilometers in extreme conditions and few outputs like this from my Camera always leaves a huge GRIN on my face. Just missing those riding days :(


Cinderella said...

And FYI...that grin is super cute!


There's something about black n white photos that just connects with me in a weird way.

I love the sturdy backdrop of this snap with the bike in the forefront. Is he hanging his head down? You shoulda told him to...the message coming out would have been outstanding. This is outstanding too!

Either way you're fabulous!

debarpita mohapatra said...

Flattered i'm Girlie.... :)

Thanks for liking my work again and again. And of course for all your valuable and unbiased comments/complements/suggestions etc etc.... ;)

And this capture process was with in seconds so never thought the way you suggested...