Friday, October 30, 2009

Random words...

Again another boring day :(, but I don't understand why do I write here only on that day :?#*!{%$@!

Anyways, I was bored to a height n really walked quite long, say 6-7 kms or more(i was not practicing for Delhi half marathon, but we should participate in that event. What can I do, Sundays are my riding days :P) to kill it listened to Kailash Kher for quite a long n then I took a bus to home :P. Because boredom came to an end and I realized that I need to reach home on time, the only point(don't know whether it is +ve or -ve) I feel living with parents tough they never told me for being late but it feels bad to me ;).

Another wired thought also came to mind that why do I ride!!! Mind was blank on it except the word happiness, so need to think for a ride to rethink on this thinking matter :P. So time to scan pages from my Map Book....

Will update if I find anything interesting from that :D

Thats all.... 'm signing out :)

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