Sunday, December 19, 2010


Graffiti are the painted or scratched letters or paintings on the walls. Or you can say, these are the abstract wall paintings. Spray paints and markers are the modern day tools for this art. But it is more considered as vandalism rather than art. In my personal opinion, it is another form of art and creativity.

The history of graffiti is quite old. The earliest form is around 30,000 year old and found in the form of pre-historic cave paintings. And the first known modern style graffiti is believed to be an advertisement for prostitution in an ancient Greek city. But the urban form of graffiti came from New York city during the late 1960's and it started with tagging names on the subway trains.

Brazil has a significant tradition in graffiti art in the current scenario though the vibe has spread all over the world.




These are few of my recent Graffiti captures here from Nottingham, UK.


tushar said...

Was not at all aware about this grafiti n it's historrry. Nice clicks

debarpita mohapatra said...

Glad that you found it informative :)