Friday, April 15, 2011

Paneer Bhurji


Do you need any explanation!!! Finally I got these North Indian food on my platter, Parantha and Paneer Bhurji. Damn, I was dying for these stuff and finally after living life on potato wedges I took the bravest step ever to switch the hob on and cook Paneer Bhurji. Thanks to Subh Bhaina, Apa n Om for their step by step guidance over phone to make the dish super YUMMY. From this you can understand the level of my 'Kitchen Panicness'. The Parantha is of-course a frozen food :D

Please don't get envy of me, here goes the procedure so that you can make it by yourself. (Please don't carry the misconception that I'll cook ever for you :D)

Paneer Bhurji
Ingredients: 200 gms Paneer
                      2 medium sized Onion (Finely chopped)
                      1 medium size Tomato (Optional)
                  2-3 Green Chilies (finely chopped)
                      3 table spoon Oil
                         Salt (As per test) (1/2 spoon is good enough)

Easiest process to make this dish is, just put the oil in pan and once heated leave the chopped green chilies in it. Then put the finely chopped onions and keep frying in high level for 5 mins before putting the cubed tomatoes. And stir for another 3-4 minutes. Now add salt, a pinch of turmeric and even some spices like cumin powder, curry powder or what ever you want but it is completely optional. And now add Paneer which is smashed or cut in to very small pieces. Keep it on hob for 5 mins or so and now your DISH is ready.


Don't you think this is easy!! Try it if you don't know the abc of cooking or afraid of the kitchen more than any terror lecture series or else just SKIP everything what ever you read. Sorry, what you asked? 'You don't know how to use the HOB!'... err, I need to look for an consultancy providing the service and will update you once 'm successful :D.
And people who fall in the second category can even mail me more simpler recipes to share their knowledge only if there is no copy right issue ;)

P.S. The other reason of this post is, at least I can refer it if I'll cook the same in future :p


Cinderella said...

Haha! Smart boy. I was wondering why'd you put up the recipe!

And you cooked!!Paneer?!On a pan?!And chopped onions?!And fried them?!

You deserve a medal! I'm gonna go buy one for you. :D

Love the pic...yum!

debarpita mohapatra said...


Get the MEDAL ready ;)

Rakesh said...

:) nice...a new hobby out of the desp need..... Awesome :)

debarpita mohapatra said...

ha ha... 'm yet to pronounce it as hobby :D
It just an attempt to survive ;)