Monday, July 25, 2011

Daily Dose: 25 July 2011


Wish if I could scream like this... The reason behind, you are neck deep in work and need to drive real fast to reach at your goal post, at the same time rather than concentrating on the road ahead and focusing on driving... you got a panic attack and blaming that the wheels are just clamped... such a waste ME is!!!

Come on BOY, just try to scream and get out of it... the road ahead seems to be pretty straight.

[Photo Info: A fantastic piece of graffiti decorating a dead wall somewhere here in Nottingham. Just enjoy the level of detailing here, can you notice the soil pipe!! Another piece of brilliant work.]


bliss said...

another picture that made me look for a 'like' button. maybe there is something that could be done about it... :P

debarpita mohapatra said...

Thanks a lot dear... And really sorry for the missing LIKE button, there are some technical issues in this page which 'm unable to solve but the same added in the travel page

Hope you will like it too :)