Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am an Indian and I am Proud of it...


Proud to be Indian... But How proud I am! In a country where people sing songs like 'Sone ki chidiya, dengue maleria... Urbi hai gober bhi yahan, Bharat mata ki Jai'.
65 years of Independence and we as an educated citizen (so-called) of the country we have a long list of complaints. We are absolute pissed off with the corruption of public servants but at the same time we don't hesitate to pay few hundred rupees for a simple work in Government offices like getting the birth certificate or something like that and our excuse is 'I don't have time, I can't waste a day off from work'. But is this excuse accptable to make things better! Are not we making things worst! At the same time we are supporting the public movement against corruption but are we totally doing our part to make things perfect!
I don't understand the complexities of Economics though my Dad is a banker. As he works with a Nationalized bank, he seems to be concerned for the money of our country. I remember his advices long back to do our part of contribution for a stronger economy. How many of us who are in corporate world do business with Nationalized banks! I definitely am not denying the technical aspects or advancemets or level of service provided from the private sector but can not we reach up to that level!
Coming to the tourist destinations, we prefer to visit foreign land, prefer to see the historic monuments there but are we aware of the history of our country!
Once visited Foreign land, then we are obsessed with every other thing from there. Starting from cleanliness to their excotic cars, but once back to our own country we don't hesitate to throw garbages away from car on roads. Then how can we keep complaining! We definitely are 120 crore in population and education plays an important role but is it a tough job!
I think I can go on and go on with the issues, so better to stop.

This definitely is not the case with everyone but some, we belong to India and we definitely have responsibilities to make things better and it is absolutely not a Herculean task... Thinking about our country, our people and our place will definitely make us feel better. Lets do our part... Jai Hind.


bliss said...

being an Indian is definitely more about the spirit of it than just the nationality. and i guess its about time all Indians understood that :)

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