Saturday, August 04, 2012

Partners in Crime


These are the 4 guys, 4 close friends, who spent 2500+ kilometers of drive, Ranee, Anil, Om and yours truly ;) (L to R)
I was behind the wheels for some 2200+ kms as it is very difficult for me to sit in a car as a passanger. I really appreciate the other three for being seated for hours and tolerating all my insanity, may it be rash driving or staying awake all night because of my habit of night drive or parking the car in the middle of nowhere during night to get a power nap... Ranee and Anil, you both are one of the sweetest and coolest couple I have ever met. Love you all guyz, we had all the FUN.
And yes, hope you remember the Kanyakumari thing... Soon ;)

P.S. This particular picture, a 30 second exposure one, was shot sometime after mid-night on the way to Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur on the first day of Delhi-Bengaluru road-trip and this also is the only frame having all four of us :)

The TRIO minus the driver ;)

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Simply superb………..marvelous….