Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aprilia Tuono V4; Just Another Machine ;)

 photo IMG_6220aacopy.jpg

 photo IMG_6221aacopy.jpg

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 photo IMG_6227aacopy.jpg

With a small price tag of 15 odd Lakhs, is not it amazing!!!
People say it BRUTAL, who rode it... This liter-class produces 167 bhp to reach 270+ km/h and it is Insane.

Every tempting bike reminds me the story, how my parents sold-off my bike in my absence and without letting me know. It was their way to get rid of unwanted worries for me by seeing the current road conditions and also to prevent my touring... No complains though they succeeded in the later and noone has control over their first worry. 2+ years have passed since I rode a motorbike but it hardly took me away from being a biker... How does it matter if you don't own one! It should take its own time to getting back to the life you wanted to live like, all thanks to the changing priorities of life... Is not it! But somewhere in the remote corner of the heart there is a voice, there will be a bike and it will BIG. I was in Gurgaon Aprilia showroom recently to see a friend and got to meet this guy and thought of sharing :)


Shrinidhi Hande said...

great. did you manage a test drive?

debarpita mohapatra said...

It definitely is a brilliant piece of machine that money can buy... And i did not rode it :)