Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travel: Kuldhara Ghost Village, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

An abandoned village and 100s of years since anyone lived... And there are many stories from words of mouth to describe it... All of them pretty interesting, without knowing the truth.

Kuldhara was a village of 'Paliwal Brahmans', who were very knowledgeable and rich. Some people say, the daughter of village chief was so beautiful that the king of Jaisalmer eyed on him and wanted to marry her forcefully. And being a Brahman, it was intolerable to them but had to say nothing infront of Power. And as a solution, all the villagers emptied the village overnight and traveled beyond the reach of the ruler.
People even say, as the Brahmans were really really rich, they have stored Gold underneath all the houses and there is a very old snake in the village protecting it.
According to an elderly guy I met there, the Brahmans emptied the village some 400 years ago because of the heavy tax impounded by the King of Jaisalmer.

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This is the old Temple in the village... Unworshiped and Government is getting it restored for the tourism purpose.

Travel Information:
Distance: 800+ kms from Delhi
               20+ kms from Jaisalmer on the way to Sam Sand dunes (around 7-8 kms off the main road)
Road Condition: Excellent
Best time to Visit: Aug-Mar (and prefer the evening time)

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