Saturday, July 27, 2013

Travel: Delhi-Bhubaneswar Run

I should call it just another crazy drive. Last month me and another friend just drove down to Bhubaneswar from Delhi in 32 hours flat. Yes, 32 hours and the major halt was for 2 hours around for a power nap somewhere before Jamshedpur probably. It was fun again with a very small peg of adventure. And to anyone's surprise, I did not take my camera out anywhere. Only managed to click a few (read 3-4) with cell-phone camera. Unlike the last Bhubaneswar-Delhi drive, this time we had the comfort of being inside a car :D

The Adventure Leg:
I did came via Kharagpur-Durgapur and did hit the GT road or NH 2 (now NHAI has termed it AH, Asian Highway) at Asansol. We were suppose to take the same route but decided to enter into Jharkhand from Dhanbad. It was the next rainy evening and our aim was still the same, to hit Bhubaneswar in one go. Being on a new route and rainy outside there hardly were any locals around. So GPS became our navigator and dumped us somewhere deep into the forest giving us a brilliant vibe of Naxalites around. The super tallented GPS navigation system was still insisting us on the existence of a Bridge to cross River Damodar. Somehow we managed to find the way to the bridge to find the Purulia-Dhanbad road. The rain was pretty gentle until it was dark but showed us its face afterwards, from 7pm till 11, it rained like anything. Superb road with strategically placed pot holes filled with water accompanied us till Jamshedpur. Almost around midnight by then as the adventure ended. So another experience :D

By dusk we did hit Odisha border at Jamshola and the roads were surprisingly well and within an hour we crossed Balasore and around 3-3.5 hours more till bhubaneswar. And all in an Alto :)

Delhi (Saket)-DND-Yamuna Expressway-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Allahabad bypass-Dhanbad-Purulia-Barabhum-Ghatshila-Baharagora-Jamsola-Balasore-Bhadrakh-Bhubaneswar

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