Thursday, July 25, 2013

Travel: The Leaning Temple of Huma

Huma Temple, famously known as 'Huma Bakra Mandira (Leaning Temple of Huma)' is the abode of lord Shiva who is being worshiped here as 'Lord Vimaleshwara'. 23 kilometers away from Sambalpur city, the drive does show you a beautiful rustic view of typical Odia country side and farm lands.

The temple is not that big or that old. There are two contradictions regarding the construction period of the temple. According to some it was built in 17th century, where as some documents say it was built in last quarter of 19th century.

The most wonderful thing about the temple is, it is significantly leaned towards the North-East side. It is quite strange. And at the same time the other small small temple structures inside the campus are also tilted to different different sides. The inclination also has come controversy. Some researchers believe that the temple is leaned because of the movement of the foundation stone due to heavy floods and according to some, it was the idea of the designer or architect to protect the structure from the heavy current of flood water of Mahanadi as the temple is inclined opposite to the flow of water. Very interesting, is not it!

What NOT to miss!
- If you are visiting the place, do spend little time inside the campus and try to read the architecture and inclinations.
- Even the boundary walls are inclined.
- Do visit through the rear gate of the campus towards the rocky river bed. Sin on the concrete steps and soak your legs with chilled water of River Mahanadi. There are very interesting and big big red colored fishes with some mythological importance. So people do feed them with some special food available there.
- You can take a small boat ride also in Mahanadi.

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