Wednesday, January 06, 2010


It is in the News Headlines and people are just irritated with it especially people who are flying. Fog, actually 'Dence Fog' is dominating in most areas here in North.
Today I found extreme fog in East Delhi with damn slow traffic on roads where as traffic was quite smooth in the South part as the Fog was not that dence.

But I'm personally enjoying this. 'Dilli ki Sardi' has it's own charm. I'm loving the scene from our Balcony and feel good seeing the Fog around me.

Captured this when I was starting for office 2 days before.


Cinderella said...

This photo makes me wanna curl up in a nice warm blanket with my cup of ginger tea and read a nice book, preferably chic lit...or better a movie marathon of all romance movies I have ever digged!


debarpita mohapatra said...

Oh girl, I too would love to do that...
Winter in Delhi is a worth experience... u bangy ppl cant even resist :P

Had another encounter with fog some 4-5 days before, and it was fun waving thru the dense FOG. Wait, the pics are in the pipe-line :D