Saturday, February 26, 2011

Invitation Sent

Ah, the weather here in the foreign land finally started turning pleasant... today while working inside the room I was sweating like anything and seemed like the temperature is high up like 40 degrees. But it was only 10 degrees which my lappy soughted... Still it is just another pleasant time in the city of Nottingham...

So the invitation to Spring is sent and accepted... And Boy, it's making me crazy ;)

Alien spikes...


P.S. This photograph of the first blossom that I got to see here during this grey period, near the zebra crossing that I cross everyday to go to school. I was actually noticing them since the day the alien spikes came out of the ground showing the shade of green from the color palate of nature. I was expecting some flowers but not these beautiful ones... So beautiful they are really :)
And not to mention SX 100 still rocks...

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