Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life seems easy when you are not in to it!

I just remembered, I do own this page. I hardly remember when I was here last time to share my random aimless thoughts or some crappy captures through the view finder, but the last post is showing a date tag which is almost a month old... Thanks to the Era of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Anyways. Life is pretty similar to a blind curve on a hilly road, You never know in which game you are in to in the moment coming. Work, work and work probably was the only thing I was chanting, clicked many pictures in these 180 days but none delighted my heart like the ones ones I clicked last Sunday. Honestly, 6 months in the capital city and this weekend only was the day when I totally absolutely enjoyed the company of my Camera and Self. After 2 long years, on this Summer evening I was roaming on a particular street of Delhi with Camera in hand and a smile on face, meeting new unknown people, chatting with them and laughing. Some definitely were bit crazy to make the afternoon absolute fun, far away from all the worries of life... Yes, away from so called LIFE.


And yes, stay hooked for some interesting stories from the streets of Delhi :)

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