Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Painting the city Blue


Graffiti artists hardly revile their name in public, reason is obvious, still it is considered as a crime of vandalization. Anyways, it is a different story all together.
It was around 11 in the night and I was driving back from NFC (New Friend Colony) to Gurgaon back home, and just before Kalka Jee flyover, I got to see this. The easy Sunday late evening traffic allowed me to push the brakes hard instantly, within seconds I was out with my camera with parking lights of the car on. Thanks to the occasional vehicles with brilliantly bright light, it absolutely was not a task to get a such picture just before mid night ;)

DAKU is quite a famous name among the graffiti artists in the Capital City. I already have framed 3-4 of his work and personally do love it as he writes in Hindi. There also is a big one of his logo there in Hauz-Khas Village, also a small one in-front of Al-Bake, NFC. Hope to frame more of his work sometime soon, let Sun reduce some of his glow first.


Zeebs said...

This is exquisite.

debarpita mohapatra said...

Yeah Zeebs, it is really fantastic. There still are many more to be framed. Hopefully soon I'll be posting few more. Thanks.