Sunday, October 02, 2011

Travel Time

The weather is unexpectedly behaving well here in this part of the world and 'm actually surprised for the same even after staying for one LONG year... It is the start of October, in particular, since last 4-5 days the para is preferring to be seated high. The scenario outside ended with topless white people around and me with lots of sweating and even little bit of tanning... lolz. In a serious note, it was too hot, almost made me feeling like Summer is back. This unpredictable thing turned all my ideas and planning on travel, up side down. Last to last week it was raining like anything, and it forced me to start using a pool-over on a regular basis, even one day I used the thick one. Though I cancelled all my travel plans earlier, now seeing the weather and it's forecast, I'll be travelling around the country a bit just to fill the little memory left in my laptop.


Hope to update you soon and to show you a chunk of United Kingdom. Stay Tuned :)

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