Saturday, August 29, 2009


Day-I (14th July ‘09)

It was really a hectic day. Our train was scheduled to departure at 4 in the evening and not a single thing was done. There were mainly three works pending, Karolbagh shopping (it included some spares for Uni, saddle bags, polythenes etc), Uni’s engine oil to be changes and the whole packing.

Managed to reach Karolbagh at around 9.15 AM, but I was unaware of the thing that it wakes up at around 11 AM. So I’d to roam randomly for about 2 hours and after it(that) I managed to get the local made saddle bags from Chopra’s for 1K and some other small things like chain link etc. which were missing from my repairing kit.

Again managed to reach home at around 12.45 PM and we had only 45 minutes for the packing and all as we’d to reach Purani Delhi railway station before 2.00 PM. The thing is that if you have a confirmed railway ticket then you can carry your bike in the same train but you have to book it minimum 2 hour before the scheduled departure. Just make sure that the fuel tank is completely empty.

Things were done in ease and we left Delhi at sharp 4.10 PM.

Route – Home (Kousambhi)-Old Delhi railway station
Total distance covered – 20 Kilometers

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snaps r real good, truly proffessional