Monday, November 08, 2010

My Diwali Gift

FRIENDSHIP is always special. Now don’t make a face as if you never experienced it!

This Diwali two of my very good friends made me feel super pampered here in the foreign land with their too special Diwali Gifts. It's not about the gifts but about how people do care for you! And it always feels special when people try to know you better in a very short while. It was a real surprise to get a 'Lens Pen' from Khyati and a box of 'Dark Chocolates' from Manveen. I was truly spellbound for sometime seeing the LensPen. I'm happy like a kid to get things which really are my favorite. Good people never take time to be one among the bestest friends in a very little span.

Diwali,Diwali Gift,Friends,Nostalgia,Pampered,Gift,Lenspen

Diwali,Diwali Gift,Friends,Nostalgia,Pampered,Gift

Thanks a lot Manveen Kaur and Khyati Kohli, for all your love and caring. I will cherish our friendship throughout ma life. Thanks again :)


Cinderella said...


I am smiling. For I am reminded of a wonderful decorative candles Sipu gifted me this Diwali.

Such an adorable gesture from your friends. This is how some people take short-cuts into your hearts and take a permanent seat as if they were always there. :)

debarpita mohapatra said...

Great... would love to see them accompanied by a POST :)
And yes, I BET. Some people do get a special place but was it too FAR for you :P

Cinderella said...


Cinderella said...

The post sounds like an idea I can ponder upon. Thanks!

manveen said...

Anytime deb...:-)...u r special