Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Architecture: Infosys Konark, Bhubaneswar


Infosys believed to build the first high-tech campus in the city build by Venkataramana Associates. Built over 50 acres this campus got handful of buildings to stare at, the site was completed in 2008. I personally never got a chance to go round the campus but had a glimpse of this particular building from far. I remember seeing it when it was being built and the term 'GREEN' almost started to being whispered and this concept of a slope roof covered with lush green lawn also seems to be a 'Green Wrapping'.

Can something be sustainable if it is painted green? Many questions do come to my mind when I analyzed this particular structure a bit. How efficient is the concept of putting green lawn in a hot and humid climate like Bhubaneswar and how about the maintenance of the same. We all know that lawn needs lots of water to be maintained but how does this 45 degree angled roof holds the water! I also do wonder about the utilization of spaces inside as there seemed to be lots of acute angle spaces in each floor at the junction of roof slab and floor slab. I should try to find an user who can speak for this built form ;)


Roof Repair said...

In fact i was browsing to find something else in that search i got your post its really amazing and good thanks for posting.

sufi said...

The green lawn is artificial grass, not natural grass. The same grass is also being used by soccer fields such as salt lake stadium.

As far as being "green" is concerned, usage of artificial grass can fetch several LEED points considering the grass is non-maintenance, does not require watering or usage of any chemical/natural resources and efficiently cools down the inside temperature, bringing down the air conditioning cost.

Hope this settles your curiosity. :)

debarpita mohapatra said...

Hi Sufi,

Thanks a lot for your inputs. I am aware of artificial grass but I do wonder about the continuous water pipes all over the roof. And regarding LEED point system, I don't rely on them. You can buy/manipulate a lot. That is my personal experience as I worked on a platinum rated green building and then studied little bit of sustainability in context of BRIAM. Anyways.