Sunday, July 22, 2012

Upgraded ;)

I can blurrily remember those days back in 2004-2005 when I started using a 'Mobile Phone', I started using a Panasonic one with a big antenna on it, the best part in it was, it had 4-5 options to change the screen color (actually it was a biggest feature then :p) . Then a Motorora and this one was a craze because it had no antenna (lolz). If I remember correctly then it was a Nokia 6600, which I used for a long long time (now it seems to be a rock like :D) and then kept on changing phones like Nokia, Samsung, LG etc. before I sticked to Sony Ericsson K750i. This actually was my favorite one because of its Camera quality and damn good music until it got stolen from a Blue Line bus in Delhi. Oh yes, I got shifted to Delhi in 2007  for my final year training. Before this the priorities of life already has changed and rather than getting a good phone, a DSLR was the dream, so for a long long time I kept using simple phone which were perfectly serving the purpose for which Cell Phones were invented for... A good phone's price was always more or less equivalent to a camera equipment which I needed so a phone was never in the priority, but recently my brother-in-law and sister forcibly gifted me a smart phone. I never wanted a smart phone but now loving it ;) It has been my primary camera these days and solving the purpose which I was generally using the K750i for. Thank you again :)


The issues I am facing now is, being a full-time avid I-pad user, these smart phones seem tremendously slow and small for me. I literally find it difficult for typing a mail or sms :( but it has the tremendous advantage of SIZE over my I-pad and I am hooked to it ;)

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